Marti Higgins is a Cleveland based artist, with a focus in abstract nature.


Marti Higgins is a Cleveland based artist with a focus in the abstract of nature.


As a painter, I adore color and shape.  I especially like to experiment with the relativity of color; how colors influence each other by proximity.   I expose relationships in color by working in layers.  Some layers are not immediately visible in a given piece. These initial colors and shapes, however, ground the finished product by influencing colors yet to be applied and by showing up in glimmers and slices.  I like to include a surprise color which at first glance may seem incongruous but has a way of solidifying the composition. My finished pieces are impressionistic landscapes and abstractions.  All of my subject matter is derived from my observation of nature, including my flower gardens.  I am inspired by the sense of disorder, yet perfect organization, I feel when in nature.

Growing up near New York City in the 1960s and 70s, I was moved by the strong, bold, gestural compositions and the seemly spontaneity in the work of the abstract expressionists.  I loved Alexander Calder’s mobiles and his painted airplanes.  I became fascinated by the simplified compositions and color juxtapositions of the post impressionists, and the collages of Romare Bearden.  Art was everywhere; in advertising, billboards, newspapers and publications such as “Look” and “Life” magazines which consistently featured articles about contemporary art.  My class field trips were to the Metropolitan Museum of Art the Museum of Modern Art.  The bold colors, rhythms and subject matter I attempt to express in my artwork are due to these early influences. 


Stanford University – Stanford, CA
Southwest General Hospital - Cleveland, OH
Cuyahoga County Administration Building - Cleveland, OH
Metro Health Hospital - Middleburg Hts., OH 
Flour Restaurant - Moreland Hills, OH
Nordson Corporation - Cleveland, OH
Cleveland State University Student Center - Cleveland, OH
Fairmount Minerals - Chardon, OH
PNC Bank- Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Dayton, Toledo
Dollar Bank - Cleveland, OH
Marriott Hotel- Cleveland, OH
Glidden House - Cleveland, OH
MF Cachet Corporation - Lakewood, OH
Swift Filter - Oakwood, OH
Private Collections - Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio