Marti Higgins lives and works in the Cleveland Ohio area.  Her artwork is fueled by her love of nature and the abstract.

Fall Like a Flower Petal.jpg

Fall Like a

Flower Petal

I work primarily as a painter, but also create collages and encaustics, (wax paintings). My daily walks in nature, where I observe both subtle and dramatic changes, inform both my impressionistic landscapes and my abstract work.  I find patterns and compositions in both the large view as well as the smaller more intimate picture. 

My eye tends to study the spatial and color relationships between objects.  I notice where things touch, overlap, or separate.  The structure of trees and the interplay of branches and limbs is a frequent theme. I am interested in the spaces in between!  I abstract my compositions to emphasize what stands out or draws my attention.

Blood Orange.jpg

Reproductions Available

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